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Democratic Republic of the Congo
Public Holidays
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Public Holidays 2017

This page contains a national calendar of all 2017 public holidays. Please scroll down to view.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (D.R.C.) is a Central African nation that has designated eight national holidays for the year. Some of these holidays are two and three day celebrations. The length of the holiday celebration is announced by the Ministry of Labor at the end of each year for the following year.

Officially, the holidays in D.R.C. are regulated by Ordinance 71-236 officiated on December 31, 1972. However, this Ordinance has been changed several times over the last few decades. The Democratic Republic of the Congo has undergone many regime changes, including a change in name to their country (Zaire) since this official document was released and many times the holidays celebrated, or not celebrated, are based on who is in power at this time.

The current government releases the information for public holidays through their Ministry of Labor. It is published in the Official Journal. Currently, the government does not post information about their holidays on their government website or through any other means.

Employers, at this time, are required to pay holiday pay on nationally recognised holidays and provide a day off. However, it should be noted that this is for only one day of any multi-day celebration. These regulations are also subject to change based on who is in power in the government. An official labour code is not made available to the public at this time and this information has been obtained from secondary sources.

Cultural, Linguistic, Provincial, Religious and Professional Holidays

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has a very diverse culture. There are many different cultural groups living within this region that may speak continent based languages or practice indigenous religions. Many of these cultures have their own special holidays that they celebrate. The government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo acknowledges that these holidays occur, but does not recognise them on a national level.

In addition to these culturally based events, there are also regional holidays that are celebrated and holidays observed at different periods by specific businesses. Again, the government of the D.R.C. acknowledges these holidays, but does not officially recognise them.

Employers are cautioned n this area that new or one-time holidays do occur in this area often and usually with only a day or two of notice. Employers must acknowledge national holidays, even when they are given on such short notice. These notices are always made by the Ministry of Labor.

Public Holidays 2017

1 JanSunNew Year's Day
4 JanWedMartyrs' Day
16 JanMonHeroes' Day (Laurent Kabila)
17 JanTueHeroes' Day (Patrice Lumumba)
1 MayMonLabour Day
17 MayWedLiberation Day
30 JunFriIndependence Day
1 AugTueParents' Day
25 DecMonChristmas Day